Important Shadow Mountain Announcement

The Nebo Board of Education has approved Shadow Mountain Camp this year at a limited capacity. Camp will be for 5th graders this year as in the past. Regretfully, it is not possible to provide a camp experience for those that missed out last year as a result of the Corona Virus restrictions. Registrations will begin Monday morning May 3 at 6:00 AM. Return here under the registration tab to begin the process. Students who attend will be required to show evidence of a negative Covid test within 48 hours of their check-in time.

For a list of local testing sites, please visit

2018 Session 3

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2018 Session 2

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2018 Session 1

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2017 Shadow Mountain Highlights

Video by Jake Provstgaard

Check out these highlights from the 2017 Shadow Mountain experience:

Camp Staff

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2019 Girls Sessions

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Check out the pictures from the 2019 Girls Sessions.

Camp Staff

Staff stay with the campers all day and every night of their stay. Many of our staff members are licensed and certified teachers from both the elementary and secondary levels. They bring a wealth of experience and expertise to camp.  They ensure a safe, exciting, and fun-filled camp.